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See what other people are saying about our Ambassador East apartments! At Ambassador East Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


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Swift move in
Valerie and Aspen make great partners. Aspen showed me the apartment with great impression. I was very pleased with Valerie's valued effort in processing my application the same day to hand over my keys so I could move in the next day. Excellent work!


I lived here for a year and loved it. The apartments are large and well kept. Maintenance is prompt and the staff is all so nice. Instead of traditional straight to business management they are kind, personable and always greet you by name! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, clean and comfortable apartment. As a side note I saw another poster say no pest control but I was informed that post control was available by request the first week of each month and they came anytime I requested it.


We love it here. It's very quiet and never had any problems with neighbors or anything. Washer and dryers are cheap to use and wash & dry nicely. Never seen any type of bugs in the apartments, nice size for the one bedroom. They have long closets and spacious balconies. Sometimes the water isn't warm or hot when the water heater guys come to work on them but it doesn't last long. We are very close to everything. Everything is walking distance. Gas station right behind us, Walmart .02 miles - on the same street. Coronado mall is less than 5 minutes away as well as the freeway. Perfect place to live



There's a reason this place is rated so high. Utilities included, the "quiet" policy is strictly enforced so you never have issues (and when you do, they don't last long). My only complaint is that way back when I was there, you were stuck scrounging for quarters whenever you remembered to be able to do laundry, I don't know if by the time of this review they give out quarters themselves now or maybe use a card system. The pool didn't turn into a ghetto party like a lot of other places have gone through. Never had issues with them processing rent, year-round heating and cooling, they're not criminally stingy with deposits (had some subtracted for cleaning, but always got something back. Place left such a good impression I left and came back a 2nd time.


My boyfriend and I lived at this complex for 3yrs. To say we loved it would be an understatement. It was quiet for the most part (our latest upstairs neighbors were a little more noisy than we would have liked). Maintenance was always nice and quick to respond to requests. The assigned parking was a huge plus for us since we came from a free for all complex before. Marty and Danielle were always super nice to us and this place just felt like home. The only reason we left is because we bought a house. To be honest I super miss the free utilities haha. If you’re looking for something that’s nice, big, and reasonably priced this is it, look no further! Also don’t hesitate to try and rent from here because they usually have a waitlist, but it’s super worth it.


Friendly staff. Affordable spacious apartments with lots of closests. Laundry room and pool area. Close to many restaurants and shops. Along Menual bus route.



Very friendly mgrs. Utilities paid. Maintenance is kept up and prompt.

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